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At the Sunburst Culture Company, we believe that the only way to truly unleash the power of your people is by understanding the employee journey and building a better experience.

90% of companies operate with Customer Experience (CX) as a strategic goal. By giving equal concern to Employee Experience (EX) can provide a competitive edge.

We are experts in employee experience, from the first contact to their final day. If this is important to you, get in touch.

After a fair wage, employees expect honesty, transparency, purpose and meaning above everything else.
— Simon Frowde - Founder - Sunburst Culture

Employee experience

We are experts in creating and sustaining dynamic cultural change programmes, with an employee centric philosophy,

freedom from fear

Our leadership coaching and mentoring methods are designed on cognitive behavioural theory to improve critical and creative thinking.

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Whether you require a consultancy visit, full cultural change package or a one-off training module, we can help.