What is sunburSt culture

Definition of sunburst

A flash of sunlight especially through a break in clouds

We can help you to find and grow those sunburst moments in your organisation.

Sunburst Culture is about understanding your employee experience. What are their sunburst moments? What are the obstacles to their happiness? With only 33% of employees reporting as actively engaged at work (Gallup 2017), Sunburst Culture can help you unlock that additional potential.

what we do

We know that you are the expert in your business, we are experts in people.

We know that you have nailed your customer experience, let us guide you through the employee experience.

Sunburst Culture has been created through the curation and distilation of leadership and management experience, primarily in the customer service industry. We do not provide an off the shelf solution, our method is to facilitate you on a journey to find your sunburst moment, when the clouds part and the way forward becomes clear.

We believe in a holistic solution; small changes that create dynamic transformation throughout your company. We do not believe in putting people in to boxes, but in identifying individual strengths.

Our training packages are designed to be inclusive, interactive and energetic.

We can provide:

  • Data Collection and Surveys

  • ‘Secret Shopper’ Culture Research

  • Coaching & Mentoring (Group or One to One)

  • Workshops

  • Modular Training Packages

  • Consultations

Get in touch today so we can understand your needs.

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